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About Jaida Aneese


Genres: R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop

Jaida was born in Canton, Ohio. Her passion for singing and songwriting came at a very early age, writing her first song in third grade.

Jaida wrote “F*** love” in 2017, and soon after, recorded it with her Uncle, Producer Thr3efourteen. In 2019 her great uncle, Jazz Artist, “Jimmy B” Baber introduced her to the Houston, Texas production team consisting of Eddie Ferguson Jr, Telford “Jaytel” Birmingham II. Jaida collaborated with this Houston team to finish her debut single, “Liquid.”

In addition to influences from her own musically talented family members, some of Jaida’s musical influences are; Alicia keys, H.E.R & Chris Brown.

Jaida has also expressed interest in modeling and acting.

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